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Wibaut creates unique homes in special, one-of-a-kind settings

We aspire to create unique homes in special, one-of-a-kind settings, resulting in an environment where residents can enjoy themselves and live comfortably, both now and in the future. Bonding together as team, we enthusiastically tackle the job. 

Seizing upon the distinctive heritage of the location, building, or neighbourhood as a starting point, we seek to build sensitively upon the past, taking into account the history and environment surrounding every development. We make sure to engage buyers as well as the neighbourhood in the development process.



A good project is made possible by a good team.

Since every venture demands its own expertise, we carefully pick the best team possible for each project.

While individual team members may vary, one thing that doesn’t change is our dedication to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve the same goal — the creation of an exceptional living space.
Meat our team.

Do you have a house, building, or plot of land for sale?
We shall be happy to show you your options.

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